Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love you, Blog. I'm sorry.

Hi.  Here I am.  Here's what we've been up to.  The weather has been so beautiful, and I've been spring cleaning and WORKING MYSELF TO DEATH.  Here's some snapshots of life as of late!
Valentine's Day Flowers.  Has it really been that long??

 World's Largest Dog.
 Not interested in using the crayons like he's supposed to.
 First signs of spring
 Bruch at the old Oak!
 HUGE Balloons found in the front yard.  Saul was deeeelighted.
 Hanging out with his BFF eating brownies.  Win-Win.  Seriously. Saul loves this child.  We do, too!! Can't wait to see that little booger again!!
 Half an our of quiet entertainment.  Putting on shoes.
 Closet staple for Saul  came in the mail! Too expensive.  Too tight.  Too cute.
 Making messes as fast as possible.
He was feeling lazy ... for like 2 minutes. 
 Is this considered "red neck"?  Hope not.  Oh well.
 Bed time story.
He rarely sleeps in his car sear anymore ... so I LOVE this picture.  

Such a precious little boy.  Almost-two is keeping me on my toes.