Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am in one of those moods where I am completely humbled by my God.

Nothing out of the ordinary, but I am just so blessed.  I have to share it. 

I'm sitting on the couch watching cooking shows, drinking an afternoon  cup of coffee and folding laundry. My sweet family's laundry.  Folding cute pajamas with dogs on them and thermal shirts my honey lives in on the weekend. I hate laundry, but it's so much sweeter today.

I am so thankful for this life.  We have so many positive things happening right now, and the Lord is just working in so many beautiful ways in our lives.  I can tell you, we have waited  ... and myself, I haven't been so patient. We've literally had moments of falling to our knees in tears and gnashing our teeth, crying out to God to intervene!! He has heard our prayers, and He is blessing us.

But here's the thing - we've been blessed all along.  It's so beautiful.

I know Thanksgiving was last week, but I am so thankful for everything.

For my sweet man, who has taught me that the simple life IS sweeter and more fulfilling than anything.  For his patience with me, and the sometimes much needed kick in the behind.  He believes in me and tell me how strong I am.  He is so amazing to me.  I can't believe I'm his.
And for my little buddy.  This sweet child is my second best friend, and I am so proud of him.  He is keeping me young and aging me at the same time.  Such a perfect balance.  My sweet son, you make my heart burst with a love that I've never known.  It is so overpowering.  I am so thankful that the Lord gave that exact little boy to me to call my own. My son.  My firstborn.  I am so lucky.

 Sorry I'm so gushy.  I am just so humbled.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Being Pushed into Fall.

I am not a cold-weather person.

For the past few months, all I've read on blogs is how much everyone just SUPER loves fall.  I am so not one of those people.

I don't particularly like layering clothing.  Pumpkin-flavored-stuff is just marginally OK to my tastebuds.  I'm not exactly a sugar plum fairy when it comes to holidays.

I would much prefer it be warm all year round.  Call me lame.  Call me boring.  Call me a grinch.  I don't care.

I guess I'm kind of lazy, too, because I'm not looking forward to ALL the traveling that's involved with fall and winter holidays. 

I would so much prefer sitting out by my garden swatting mosquitos and lighting a million citronella candles in my sundresses. 

Only 5.5 months until reliably warm weather.


Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm a Promise Keeper

So I told you I'd show off some photos of our hike last week.  Here you go!

Sorry they're all grainy and not edited.  I want to punch my computer.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time Out

Y'all, until last night, I pretty much thought time out was a load of bunk.

But seriously - IT CHANGES LIVES!!

Saul has hit a phase where he's being very ugly and not very nice (at times).  I think he's just testing limits and pushing boundaries.  It's so normal, but very frustrating.

Last night, we were playing with his blocks as a family.  Todd and I were making these castles for him to knock down, but he got impatient and wanted to knock it down NOW.  After a few "No-no's" he started doing it to spite us!! NOT MY PRECIOUS BABY BOY!!

Todd just scooped him up and sat him about 2 feet away from us and said, "Saul, you're in time out until you can play nice."  That was it.  He was shocked!! He just sat there and whined.  I felt bad because the kiddo looked super sad.  But he waited.  Todd and I continued to play until about a minute passed.

Saul was settled and we let him play.  I think he needed to figure the whole thing out, so (weird) he started being ugly again.  Boop! Back to timeout he went!

After that, he was good! He totally understands!
I've had to put him in time out twice today for doing things he knows he's not supposed to (aka touching the TV and touching the computer). He has his own corner and everything.  He just sits there.  I only make him sit for about 1 minute because I don't want him to forget what's going on an why, so 60 seconds is perfect. It's actually pretty cute to see him sitting there ... (I even took a photo -- Bad mom.)


Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Little Rascal

Hi blogosphere.  Life's been busy.

I'll cut to the chase, here.  Saul was the cutest kid ever for halloween.  He was ....  ALFALFA from Little Rascals.

Omg.  Can you stand it!?

Is it just me, or is he way too beautiful!?!?

 Halloween night, we went to our friend's restaurant for their Halloween Party since Saul is still too young for the concept of trick-or-treating.  

Todd was John Denver, and I was a Gypsy ... except everyone kept calling me John Denver's Groupie?  Then they laughed at me and said that if it was socially acceptable, I would dress like that all the time.  SO true.
Saul and I with Joe - the owner of said restaurant.  The whole staff was dressed up like zombies.  It was awesome. Saul didn't even get scared!!

Family Photo for Y'all! 
Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Look forward to photos from our recent hike.  It was epic.